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Barger, Kevin

Observable Acts



bliss in die/unbinging the underglow

disaster in die / an overdose sunrise

Bella, Gigi



Bellamy, Hakim E

Prayer Flag Poems


Bjustrom, Emily

Loved Always Tomorrow: A Chapbook


Bormann, Benjamin

Shorn: Apologies & Vows


Brown, Matthew



Butler, Courtney A. (editor)

Light as a Feather: An Anthology of Resilience: Second Edition


Butler, Courtney A.

Wild Horses


Christina, Dominique

They Are All Me


Coggin, Kai

Periscope Heart


Crespin, Eva Marisol


Delgado, Marcial

Sell Me Insanity

DeSanti, Lori

Saltwater Under Brittle Sky

Dettloff, Tyler

Belly-Up Rosehip

Dever, Sean William

I’ve Been Cancelling Appointments with My Psychiatrist for Two Years Now

Fermin, SaraEve

Trauma Carnival

You Must Be This Tall to Ride


Gërvalla, Jusuf

Bekimi I Nënës / A Mother’s Blessing


Gibson, Wil

Quitting Smoking, Falling in and Out of Love, and Other Thoughts about Death.


Unease at Rest


Goldstein, Abigayle

Thalassophile: A Chapbook of Poetry


González, Manuel

…But My Friends Call Me Burque


OM boy

González, Sarita Sol



Grillo, Christopher

Elegy for a Star Girl

Guarascio, Katrina K

The Fall of a Sparrow


My Verse,



Heatherington, Kat

The Bones of This Land


Hendrickson, Brian

Of Small Children / And Other Poor Swimmers


Hirshman, Jack and Justin Desmangles

Passion, Provocation and Prophecy


Holtry, Mercedez

I Bloomed a Resistance From My Mouth

My Blood Is Beautiful


Hotlry, Mercedez & Eva Crespin

Xicana Revolt


Hudgens, Jennifer E.

Girls Who Fell in Love with War


Kluckman, Zachary

Some of It Is Muscle


Kluckman, Zachary (Editor)

Trigger Warning


Lambersy, Werner

Pina Bausch


Lipman, Paulie

From Below/Denied the Light


Lopez, Jessica Helen

Cunt.Bomb.: A Chapbook


The Language of Bleeding



Lopez, Jessica Helen & Katrina K Guarascio (Editors)

Mothers and Daughters


Macaron, Kristian



Marselle, Gina

A Fire of Prayer: A Collection of Poetry and Photography


Menefee, Sarah


Montoya, Manuel (MJR)

The Promethean Clock or Love Poems of a Wooden Boy


Nance, Niccolea

For Those Who Outlast Their Pain


Nevins, Bill

Heartbreak Ridge


Oishi, Mary and Aja Oishi

Rock Paper Scissors


Rottschafer, S.L., Ph.D.

La Diáspora de Un Aztlán Norteño: : Michicanidad Creativity as Witnessed in Bilingual Ethno-Poetry and Photography


Sanchez Ed.D, Maria D.

Intersex, Truth and Spirtuality

Smith, Danielle



Warren, R.B.

Litanies Not Adopted


Williams, Beau

Nail Gun and a Love Letter


Wolff-Francis, Liza

Language of Crossing




All Access: Our Voices: A collection of poems on abortion from New Mexicans


Kids with Causes


Kids with Cause II
Eye of the Eagle: NACA Literary Magazine 2017
Eye of the Eagle: NACA Literary Magazine 2018
Eye of the Eagle: the literary magazine of the Native American Community Academy 2019
Immigrant Memories and Poetic Ambitions

Parade: Swimming with Elephants Publications Anthology 2018


Pilgrimages of Enchantment: A Travel Journal
Resistencia: Writing Across Borders: A Chapbook by UNM Chican@ Studies Borderlands Poetics 2018
Voces Summer Writing Institute 2016
Voces Summer Writing Institute 2017
Voces Summer Writing Institute 2018

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