A Sincere Thank You from Swimming with Elephants Publications

It is with sadness that I am announcing the closing of Swimming with Elephants Publications. As many of our authors are already aware, the last year has been very difficult for us. Along with various printing problems diminishing the quality of our products, we have lost many of our resources and the price has increased for others. The press has always been a labor of love and a personal expense and, unfortunately, it has become no longer sustainable.

We want to be sure both our authors and our supporters know what they can expect regarding the press in the aftermath of this announcement. We will start a slow phase out process until our doors close for good in 2023.  The process will begin with the disabling of the Swimming with Elephants Website in October of 2021, followed by the phase out of our social media presence, including our email. Inactive accounts will also be completely phased out by the end of 2021. Active accounts will begin being phased out in 2022, with the arrival of the annual (now final) statement.  

Authors may review their contracts regarding the rights to their work and the ability to republish elsewhere. Authors may also contact me with specific questions regarding their work. Author orders will be honored until the discontinuation of a publication which will begin in January 2022.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of those who have supported Swimming with Elephants Publications over the years. We have had the ability to work with some wonderful people over the years and to be part of some amazing events and productions. The running of this press has been rewarding, challenging, and very educational. It is an experience I do not regret.

I wish our authors the best in their future pursuits and thank you for the love and support you have given Swimming with Elephants over the years.



Happy New Year from Swimming with Elephants

After much contemplation and reflection, Swimming with Elephants Publications has made the decision to close its doors for the year of 2021.

We will be taking a hiatus to reflect on our goals and presence in the community and decide, over the next year, if there is still a place for SwEP in our ever changing world. We hope this time off will provide the opportunity for us to decide whether are best course of action is to recuperate, or if it is time for us to go gentle into that goodnight.

We at SwEP have been incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement of our community over the past several years. The opportunity to work with such a vast selection of poets and artists across the United States and beyond has been more than any small press could aspire to achieve. We are grateful to have been able to represent new and emerging voices, as well as provide awareness to various social issues and public concerns through topical anthologies.

All our publications are still available at this time through Independent Bookstores, like Bookworks Albuquerque, as well as the major distribution centers. If it becomes clear that it is not possible resume our business, these publications will go out of print at the end of 2021.

If you are published with Swimming with Elephants Publications, you can expect your annual statement within the next two weeks which will include more information regarding the break and options concerning your publication.

Much love, respect, and gratitude to everyone who has helped us become and maintain the small presence we have. Please remain safe and compassionate to each other during these trying times.