Courtney B. Winterborne

Courtney B. Winterborne grew up in south Texas, which accounts for her very decisive twang when she’s been drinking just a little too much whiskey. She attended St. Andrew’s University in North Carolina, mostly because it had green grass to play in, but ended up with degrees in English and Creative Writing nonetheless. To continue her sordid love affair with the written word, she earned her master’s in Creative & Media Writing from the University of Swansea in Wales. She moved to Chicago to work as an English instructor and tutor while earning her cosmetology license. Now, she works as a middle school drama teacher by day, while doing theatrical hair and makeup design at night… like Batman but with more glitter. You can find her first book of poetry, Season for Season, and first anthology, Gravity Hill, Vol 3., at St. Andrew’s University Press, Laurinburg, NC. Courtney also had the undeniable privilege of editing Light as a Feather: an anthology of resilience for Swimming with Elephants in 2019. If you’re interested in poetry-in-progress, or the rambles of a mad woman, you can also check out her blogs: