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Submissions for Monthly Feature have Closed

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BookmarkOur call for submissions to the Swimming with Elephants Publications Monthly Feature project has concluded. Much to our surprise and enjoyment, we received far more submissions than expected. Our editing staff has been very busy reading the vast assortment of submissions.

When creating an anthology, we may receive a hundred submission and grant publication to anywhere from 25-50%. Unfortunately, with this project we only have six slots to fill. With the overwhelming number of submission, this made our publication rate at about 6% (Yes, we really received that many).

We are working diligently to review submissions and send responses by the end of the month. Please do not be dismayed if your collection was not chosen.

We plan on attempting this project again in six months. If your work wasn’t chosen, please consider resubmitting at that time. You may resubmit some of the same material or create a completely new submission.

We invite you to continue to following Swimming with Elephants Publications. Within the next year we will be running several chapbook competitions, as well as other possible publication opportunities through anthologies.

Remember: Writers need readers. Please support your fellow artists by reading, sharing, and commenting on their work. Pick up a poetry book, swing by an open mic, or follow a blog or two. If you want to have an audience, you need to be an audience.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!


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