Poetic Seamstress: A Review of September

SeptemberPoetic Seamstress

a review by Sarah Smithson

Title of Book:  September: traces of letting go

Author : Katrina K Guarascio
Photography by: Gina Marselle

Guarascio gently weaves together simply written stories of love and release with consistency of the changing of seasons.  Each poem is a delicate and welcome punch to the senses and as addictive as pomegranate seeds. Every word is full of intent and as precious as a ruby-red jewel. The bittersweet emotion infused into each poem is refreshing to the eyes.

Guarascio stands out among the multitude of verbose poets; simplicity is her tool and she is a master of page craft. These poems are without flaw and each piece reflects the assurance that through love and loss, life will blossom. This collection is for anyone who wishes to see the softer side of letting go, coping with loss, and moving on.

Katrina K Guarascio is an active member of the poetry community as a writer and a teacher. Guarascio also sponsors the Rio Rancho Youth Poetry Community and coach two youth slam teams. Her collection, September: traces of letting go, is a lovely compilation of photography and poetry. Find your copy at Amazon or CreateSpace.