First Review of Light as a Feather

First Review of the new anthology Light as a Feather.

Light as a feather cover

After reading the first few pages, I realized what they were writing was exactly what I went through.  I  do not think that people have any idea how many girls are afflicted with this disease.   This book needs to read by every middle school and high school student.  Teens need to know that this disease will affect every aspect of your life, sometimes for the rest of your life!  Thank you so much  for compiling this book.

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Shameless Promotion Weekly Feature: September

SeptemberThank you to everyone who checked out and reviewed last week’s Shamless Promotion of Some of it is Muscle by Zachary Kluckman.

This week, SwEP will be shamelessing promoting the work of Katrina K Guarascio and Gina Marselle in their collection of poetry and photography entitled September: traces of letting go.

There are two editions of this book currently available via, or for those of you in the Albuquerque are you can pick up a copy of September at Bookworks Albquerque and support not only a small press but a local independent bookstore.

Special pricing is available via Amazon and Createspace.

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Amazon Review of September:

Katrina K Guarascio is a personal favorite. This collection of hers is something I am extremely proud to own. The addition of Gina Marselle, and her photography, makes for a well balanced book,and a nice assortment of emotions. I would recommend this to anyone in love with words, because the context in which Guarascio sets hers is unlike the majority of poets I’ve experienced. This is definitely a positive thing, too. It shipped without any complications, very quickly, and arrived in perfect condition.

Greetings and Salutations!

Publisher LogoSwimming with Elephants Publications is an independent, not for profit, publishing agent focusing on supporting the working poet and local non-profit organizations, especially those which encourage the youth. We represent a variety of poetry and anthologies.

Although not currently open to unsolicited manuscripts, we are seeking submissions for two progressing anthologies (see Call for Submissions) and are always open to queries.

We also sponsor a quarterly anthology which benifits the RIo Rancho Youth Poetry Community. This not for profit publication is open to submissions year around and is publishd in Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. All proceeds from the publications will benifit the Rio Rancho Youth Poetry Community and be used as on ongoing fundraiser for group activities, further publications, and other adventures.

Please explore the website, order a few of our publications, and contact us at swimwithelephants(at)gmail(dot)com for more information about the fledgling agency.

Now Available: my verse, by Katrina K Guarascio & Shawna Cory

CoverA new collection of poetry and photography by Shawna Cory and Katrina K Guarascio, entitled my verse, has been released from Swimming with Elephants Publications.

Find this new collection on Amazon or CreateSpace

Learn more about this unique collaboration of art and verse by reading an except from the foreword, penned by Swimming with Elephants Publication author Jessica Helen Lopez.

An except from the forward:

When one woman creates we know this as spell casting.  When one or more of these female titans get together with the intent to produce art we call this act of goddess: splitting cells.  Lord help us all if they begin to shed clothes, vulnerabilities, secrets, traumas, and metaphors that bounce like agitated atoms.  This is the naked truth shook loose from words and physical form. This is poet Katrina K Guarascio and photographer Shawna Cory when they decided to comingle and author a book. 

my verse smallNow they say two women together cannot produce life, that zygote cannot be created without the gamete being fertilized by the sperm. They say fertilization is impossible without the ovum and the spermatozoa.  However, I dare any reader to peruse these pages and not feel that a milagro has taken place.  The whole world quaked when Katrina coupled with the indubitable photographer Shawna to birth the photopoetic collection that is, my verse.  Okay, maybe not the whole world, but I swear to you I felt tremors beneath my feet the first time I opened up the first drafts of the document on my laptop. The book itself is a more than adequate balance between written imagery and the image. The poems take the reader on a sojourn into the topography of modern womanhood and the photos serve to fill in the flesh of the land.  This is important work and it should be seen by all.  I have high hopes that it will.

Poetic Seamstress: A Review of September

SeptemberPoetic Seamstress

a review by Sarah Smithson

Title of Book:  September: traces of letting go

Author : Katrina K Guarascio
Photography by: Gina Marselle

Guarascio gently weaves together simply written stories of love and release with consistency of the changing of seasons.  Each poem is a delicate and welcome punch to the senses and as addictive as pomegranate seeds. Every word is full of intent and as precious as a ruby-red jewel. The bittersweet emotion infused into each poem is refreshing to the eyes.

Guarascio stands out among the multitude of verbose poets; simplicity is her tool and she is a master of page craft. These poems are without flaw and each piece reflects the assurance that through love and loss, life will blossom. This collection is for anyone who wishes to see the softer side of letting go, coping with loss, and moving on.

Katrina K Guarascio is an active member of the poetry community as a writer and a teacher. Guarascio also sponsors the Rio Rancho Youth Poetry Community and coach two youth slam teams. Her collection, September: traces of letting go, is a lovely compilation of photography and poetry. Find your copy at Amazon or CreateSpace.

Now Available: September: traces of letting go by Katrina K Guarascio & Gina Marselle

SeptemberSwimming with Elephants Publications is proud to announce its newest publication: September: traces of letting go by Katrina K Guarascio and Gina Marselle.  Currently the book is available through Createspace.

To order from creatspace: September: traces of letting go

To order from September: traces of letting go


A collection of poetry by Katrina K Guarascio, accompanied by the photography of Gina Marselle, September: traces of letting go is a beautiful collaboration sharing the efforts of these two artists. This collection contains poetry from Guarascio’s previous out of print books as well as new poetry which has never been previously published. This is the first publication combining the works of these two artists but hopefully will not be the last.