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On the Surgeon’s Table: A Review of Some of it is Muscle

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Some of it is muscle promo 1On the Surgeon’s Table

A review by Sarah Smithson

Title of Book: Some of it is Muscle

Author: Zachary Kluckman

                Kluckman portrays his life experiences with a ringing theme of home, family, loss, and endurance presented in each diverse and carefully constructed poem. He offers love and survival as the antidote for all obstacles, evoking emotion and tenderly stitching wounds up with the delicacy of a one performing open heart surgery.

The imagery chosen for each poem is open, dry, and honest, reflecting the desert setting presented in a majority of the poems. Although a second or third read may be necessary to grasp the deeper nuances of each piece, it is hardly a burden since a cover-to-cover read is enjoyable and enlightening.

Kluckman’s poems are sun-ripened peaches; flavorful, rich, and filling. Once you’ve been spoiled on them, poetry will never read the same way again. Kluckman, like many performance poets, uses the combination of experience and emotion to craft powerful pieces; a method successfully employed throughout the book.  

262710_10200154892465990_1862870133_nThe poem entitled, “Training Day,” recognizes these themes, stating, “This is how we acknowledge the heart.” As strength. As work. As Muscle. The only blemish in this masterful collection is the use of some rather abstract metaphors, which may require deep thinking and multiple readings to reveal. These poems were intended to offer hope to the quiet, downtrodden, and lost, and they do this well. This would a recommended read for anyone who craves beauty, hope, or guidance.

Zachary Kluckman is a performance poet, a two-time member of the Albuquerque National Slam Team, and an accomplished spoken word artist. He is featured in numerous publications, as well as radio broadcasts and organizes many events in the local Albuquerque area. His recent publication, Some of it is Muscle, is now available from Swimming with Elephants publications. Find your copy on Amazon, Createspace, or a Local Book Seller in the Albuquerque area.


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