Now Available: Cunt.Bomb. by Jessica Helen Lopez

CuntBomb Promo 1Swimming with Elephants Publications is proud to announce its newest publication: Cunt.Bomb. by Jessica Helen Lopez. Currently the book is available through Createspace and

To order from amazon:  Cunt.Bomb.

Or to order from creatspace: Cunt.Bomb.  

A little from the foreword:
These precious jewels of epiphany continue to guide me as I uncover for myself women, gender-identified women and allies who advocate for equality, who fight against the oppression and pillage against women and of course who dive whole-heartedly into the vastness and mysterious complexity of unbridled sexuality. Yes, I love the cunt. Yes, I have one. And yes, I will continue to use the word because it is not disparaging but rather has been wrangled into submission for hundreds of years; only to be used against women and girls as a tool for abuse and means of brutal capitulation. For those who recoil at the thought of the title of this humble chapbook, I invite you to sit and listen/read for a bit. The poems included are but a small journey stitched together to create my life as a mother, daughter, sister, poet, and woman of color. Woman. Cunt.

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