Now Available: You Must be This Tall to Ride

by SaraEve Fermin

Now available on, SaraEve Fermin’s second full length collection, You Must be This Tall to Ride. Order your copy today and keep your eyes open for the official book release happening soon.

What is being said about You Must Be This Tall to Ride

YouMustBeThisTallFront Cover“This is how I make myself better. Measure flour, sugar, room temperature butter,” is one of the many fantastic lines from the roller coaster of emotions that is, You must be this tall to ride. SaraEve has found a way to to make us laugh while crying. The last time I felt like this is when we when SaraEve and I were baking our emotions in an oven and then sticking our heads in to see if it would make our poetry better. Thanks SaraEve. And thanks Sylvia Plath.

-Thomas Fucaloro poet: Depression Cupcakes and Mistakes Disguised as Stars

My God, this book. Thank you. My God. I loved it. The brilliance and tissue-tender resilience of (Fermin’s) words show the reader a beautiful brutality. The tears of joy in my eyes made it painful, if not impossible, to read each page more than once.

I am grateful for this experience.

– Sam Bassam, international performance poet and activist

In her second book, “You Must be This Tall to Ride” SaraEve Fermin does hard work with that which so many poets avoid; the poems here are not merely “how I got through/behold my strength” but rather, the nuanced and measured stories that happen after life’s big moments. In defiance of a life filled with so many “one-step-back” erosions, she shows us how simple actions can be the victories that enable us to move one-step-forward; she shows us how everyday, just-showing-up love means more, in the long run, than capital L fireworks ever can.

-Ryk McIntyre, performance poet, editor and author; After Everything Burns

So often in poetry collections, we read work that bear witness to the conflict, whether that be Poet vs. The World, Poet vs. Nature, or even Poet vs. Themselves. However, in You Must Be This Tall To Ride, we’re gifted with a unique perspective – namely, what happens after the battle is fought? Contained in these pages are poems that bear witness to the afterwards; to the fighter, post-victory & battle-wearied, who must carry on with their lives, with matters of day-to-day existence. If we consider the myth of Sisyphus, cursed for eternity to push the boulder up a never-ending hill, then we must look at this work as an exploration of what may have been, had Sisyphus ever found a way to finish his task.

– William James, author, rebel hearts & restless ghosts




About SaraEve Fermin:

SaraEve is a performance poet and epilepsy advocate from northeast New Jersey. A 2015 Best of the Net nominee, she has performed for both local and national events, including the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam, the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles 2015 Care and Cure Benefit to End Epilepsy in Children and as a reader for Great Weather for MEDIA at the 2016 NYC Poetry Festival on Governors Island. You might have met her volunteering at various national poetry slams. A Contributing Editor for Words Dance Magazine and Book Reviewer at Swimming with Elephants Publishing, her work can be found or is forthcoming in GERM Magazine, Yellow Chair Review, Drunk in a Midnight Choir and the University of Hell Press anthology We Can Make Your Life Better: A Guidebook to Modern Living, among others. Her second full length anthology, You Must Be This Tall to Ride, will be published by Swimming with Elephants Press in fall 2016. She believes in the power of foxes and self-publishing.

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She loves Instagram: SaraEve41

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