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Save the Date: December 15, 2018

This December recognizes five years of publishing and we have a lot to celebrate: We have a new anthology, Parade, a new logo, SwEP Swag, a new commercial and a photo slideshow.

Join us for the festivities on December 15th at Tortuga Gallery from 6-9. We will incorporate music and poetry throughout the night beginning at 6pm and going until 9pm, with a toast at 7:30pm.

Any SwEP authors who would like to perform, please contact me. We really just want to have you there. You will be able to pick up your SwEP Swag and contributor copies of our anthology.

Keep your eyes on the website and facebook page for more information on our upcoming festivities.


Open Call for Chapbooks

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC (SwEP) is hosting a chapbook open call to find some fresh work and new voices from October 15-December 15, 2018.  Click here for more information.

From our submissions, our guest judges will choose three for publication. All three chosen publications will receive the same award of 25 author copies. All our publications include an ISBN, Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC contract, and creative control over cover and production. For more information on what SwEP provides its authors or to see a general contract, please email us.


New Releases


Current Projects

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC currently has its hands full with various projects:

  • We are working diligently on the submission process for our Open Call for Chapbooks, creating a new edition of Light as a Feather, wrapping up two publications: Diaspora and Parade, planning our Anniversary party, and organizing and reading submissions for the Weekly Write 2019.


Support and Donations

There are many ways to support our authors: Purchase books from our poets, review books on websites and in print journals, see our poets perform when they come to a town near you, interact with our website and Facebook page, or send them compliments and applause.

Supporting our writers and events also helps support our press, but as a not for profit, growth can be difficult. Consider supporting our press by purchasing anthologies, donating through our website (via PayPal), or placing orders for multiple copies directly through us rather than a major book distributor. All our contact information is available on our website.


As always we encourage interaction with our website and Facebook page, as well as welcoming reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other book review places. Please contact us with any questions or queries.


Now Available: Unease at Rest by Wil Gibson

Unease at Rest
by Wil Gibson
Available on Amazon $15.00

“Unease at Rest is an ‘ugly butterfly’, anatomized. It is the death’s-head moth pinning itself under glass. Every poem is another marking on the insect’s back, resembling a human skull. Each one steadfastly reminds its author that it isn’t, in fact, a skull. But each feels about that heavy. In this grossly gorgeous collection, Gibson doesn’t wrestle or toss away the bones on his back. He quietly, humbly carries them. Wil doesn’t fly straight into the lantern’s yawning flame. He stares it down, he names it, and he reaches for it. He does so for us, sparing us the discomfort. And he does it with a steady and trained hand: imperfect palms stretched perfectly. The textual body of his poems, too, flex and fold this way. Every page a ‘soft, awkward, and most authentic’ wing. Wil reaches for the fire with such an ugly human grace, that it explains the ugly human light that swallows us too, by which we are lit from inside, to which we all are bound.”

– Bill Moran – author of “Oh God Get Out Get Out” – Write Bloody Press

Featured SwEP Author: Wil Gibson

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC would like to reintroduce to you to Wil Gibson.

Wil Gibson’s full length poetry collection, Quitting smoking, falling in and out of love, and other thoughts about death, was published by Swimming with Elephants Publications in April 2016.

Listen to Wil Gibson perform his poetry here:

Wil Gibson’s full length poetry collection, Quitting smoking, falling in and out of love, and other thoughts about death, from Bookworks ABQ

or order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble today!

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Wil Gibson

WilWil Gibson was born from a good idea and a bottle of bourbon and raised in some of the poorest communities in northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas. He has had work appear with Midwestern Gothic, Radius, Yellow Chair Review, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and Electric Cereal (among others), was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net 2015. He would like to talk to you for hours on end about lighthouses and random other things. (also, in the interest of full disclosure, he has already started smoking again) He currently lives in California, but the locals call it Jefferson.

Busy January!

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC has a wonderful line up of poets releasing manuscripts in 2018.

Some poets are releasing their second book with SwEP, while others are joining the parade for the first time.

By forming a relationship with Sugar Booking Entertainment, we will be producing the books/ chapbooks of several of their touring poets this year, including Paulie Lipman, Wil Gibson, Mercedez Holtry, and Gigi Bella.

Keep an eye open for new publications and events near you!