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Hakim Bellamy’s Poetry Book is Still Available for Purchase!

If you missed out on Hakim Bellamy’s transportive poetry in Prayer Flag Poems before, you don’t have to again! Get your copy today!

19- Hakim Bellamy


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Don’t Miss Out on Danielle Smith’s Book of Poetry!

Gnarly by Danielle Smith is deceptive. Its hidden depths will grab a hold and linger long after you’re done reading.  Get your copy today!

Pinata- Danielle Smith

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SwEP Poet Bassam Released a New Book!

Bassam, Swimming with Elephants poet and author of Bliss in Die/Unbinging the Underglowhas released a new book with GenZ Publishing!

Check out their book with SwEP and their new work titled-

‘_nil:/per.OS – sepukku|smiles + songs for sarah’ 

released on June 15th!

We are so proud of our SwEP authors in all their accomplishments!

to scrub silverware- bassam

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Check Out What Kristian Macaron is Up To!

Kristian Macaron is a poet with Swimming with Elephants and an editor for Manzano Mountain Review! If you have not checked out her book Storm, you are missing out on a terrific, stark landscape that will transport you page to page.

Manzano Mountain Review just released it’s second volume called Summer Haunts/Summer Hauntings. Check out their website at http://manzanomountainreview.com/

arthur2014 kristian macaron

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Hey Northwest! Mercedez Holtry is Bringing the Resistance Your Way!

I Bloomed a Resistance From My Mouth is spoken word brilliance at its finest! Gut-wrenching, laugh out loud funny, and terribly human, Holtry will leave you chomping at the bit for her next book.

stretch marks mercedez holtry

You don’t want to miss out on Mercedez Holtry sharing her book I Bloomed… and other works. She has dates still coming up in the Northwest. See her schedule below or check out her Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/lapoetacedez/

Mercedez Holtry 2018 Tour Schedule