Weekly Write: “Cuba, NM Homestead” by Rene Mullen

Cuba, NM Homestead

Among dusty mustard sandstone cliffs
fragrant crusted sage
crumbling remnants
of once beloved hearth
now a wisp of memory
melting away with every rare

but torrential teardrop monsoon

In sunset shadows
each individual wall foundation stone
tells what little story
geriatric minds can muster
only to be ignored by deaf ears
of its brethren

Their only neighbor
next room over at
Ponderosa Acres
twisted skeleton juniper husk
whose bark stopped biting
before the house
gave up being home

Rene Mullen is managing editor for a PR firm in Albuquerque. A performance and traditional poet, and a mental health advocate, he is one of two 2018 Albuquerque Slam Champions. He has been a member of four poetry slam teams representing New Mexico, and has appeared on multiple regional and national stages. His poetry has been featured in Poetry Quarterly, 50 Haikus, and is author of This Still Breathing Canvas, a collection of poetry.

The long Amazon link is https://www.amazon.com/This-Still-Breathing-Canvas-Mullen/dp/B08DSX3DD2/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=rene+mullen+this+still+breathing+canvas&qid=1598919217&sr=8-1