Weekly Write: “I Love You” by Evelyn Louise May

I Love You

Evelyn Louise May

He slid into the driver’s seat of the small red car; we were just a year out of high school. His hands fumbled through coat pockets searching, his face turning red as he looked away. From his breast pocket a white folded scrap of paper. “One more thing,” handing me the note. This must have been the kind of letter that says something that cannot be spoken, a truth that means nothing will ever be the same. In boyish handwriting a simple message.


Evelyn Louise May is a writer and avid reader who lives in Minneapolis, MN. Evelyn loves history, medical oddities, untold stories, and coffee. When she isn’t working on an MFA in creative writing at Augsburg University, she can be found riding her tandem bicycle with her husband/muse, Ryan.



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