Weekly Write: “Visiting Back Home” by SaraSwoti (Sara) Lamichhane

Visiting Back Home

I left it 13 years ago
Came back 3 times

I brace defrosted memories

I hear the laughter of
My younger self
Her howl into the wild

The storm slams on her face
Nothing stops her

The person that is me
Sits by the fireplace
A husband and two kids

Makes dinner, does dishes,
Folds laundry and phone calls
In between

I merge the divide
Two sets of houses
Two sets of families
Two sets of cultures

If my roots grow deeper
In either land,
My butterflies will lose their wings
And leave me a caterpillar

I either have both or none.

SaraSwoti comes from Alberta, Canada, originally from Nepal. She is a life celebrator and loves exploring beyond her world. She draws inspiration from nature and people around her. She is an optimist and a continuous spiritual learner. She serves as a board member with Parkland Poets and her poems have appeared around Canada, India, USA and Nepal.


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