Weekly Write: “Zuni Pot” by Yueh Ni Lin

Zuni Pot

a Zuni pot is born through the wheel.
Turning round and round,
transforming soul into shape
to preserve ancestor’s spirits inside.
Two extended tails infinitely loop
around the narrow lip.
A bird whispers to a
wind-dancing flower.
Everything is full of life.
Follow the path of migration and
the precious spirits last forever.

“Zuni Pot” was previously published in the collection, Immigrant Memories and Poetic Ambitions, release by Swimming with Elephants Publications in Fall of 2019. 

Yueh Ni Lin is a coffee-loving, nostalgic homesick, amateurish art adorer and architectural designer. She is a wandering traveler, eager explorer who always enjoy the impact of curiously different cultures. She is a new environment immigrant adapter, exuberantly vital, English learner, life embracer, and a family centered, beloved child’s mother.



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