Weekly Write: “neither are the sunflowers” by Kat Heatherington

neither are the sunflowers

under the bluegreen door
a girl is dancing
barefoot on the sidewalk,
her long white legs
in the sunlight,
ignoring the passersby
while her friend
plays accordion.
her brown hair & dress cry out,
it is autumn,
and i can’t believe
it’s already autumn
the maximillians
have only begun to bloom but
it’s autumn
even in the green grass
i’m not ready yet
and neither are the sunflowers
or the barefoot girl i wish i could be,
between the sycamores.


Kat Heatherington is a queer ecofeminist poet, sometime artist, pagan, and organic gardener. She lives south of Albuquerque, NM in Sunflower River intentional community, sunflowerriver.org. Kat’s work primarily addresses the interstices of human relationships and the natural world. Her work can be read at https://sometimesaparticle.org.




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