Weekly Write: “you who climbs to the top of the world and begs forgiveness; or, HERCULES” by Maxine L. Peseke

you who climbs to the top of the world and begs forgiveness; or, HERCULES

you, who are not weatherproof:
do not let the cold creep in your soul.
do not let a once-warm heart beat icy;
do not breathe in so heavy these winds of change–
do not be swayed, do not tremble, do not fall.
these pits of hell await you

you, who are not fireproof:
do not ignite.
they will say you can be a phoenix and rise
and rise, but you are not made of flame.
you who are made of flesh and bone as brittle as firewood:
these are not your ashes to rise from.

you, who are neither Maker nor Myth;
you, who are not phoenix nor flame nor wind to carry it:
you are still Holy.
your bones so brittle echo with forests full of stories
your blood carries Glory–
do not spill it before your hallelujah is sung.

you, who are not lyric, but entire song:
do not play your veins like violin strings–
you are not moonlight sonata but romantic serenade,
an ode to your own body,
a waltz to the beat of your heart
beat; don’t beat yourself up, baby.

you, who are not child nor adult:
do not be the fool to believe
you will pass like ash knowing every lesson this universe can offer;
you, who know heartbreak–
there is more than your heartbreak
and there is still so much less.

you, who are not your heartbreak:
like all things, this shall pass;
like you, who are passing
through life like a whisper–
you are a shout. you are a cry. you are a smile and a laugh.
you, who are joy.

you, who are Creation;
you, who are Creator:
it is not God alone for whom choirs sing praise.
you who are made in the image of greatness:
you are Holy.
you are hallelujah neverending.

you, who are not immortal:
your last mortal breath
will still stir butterfly wings
on the other side of the world;
and your song, oh holy holy holy is the song
will be sung again by renewed choir.

you will live,
despite your weakness,
oh, Holy.




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