Weekly Write: “kneeling in the Public Garden” by Sean William Dever

kneeling in the Public Gardens   grasping my chest   as family’s step around me    as storm clouds  roll in


splinter your soul over

spilled milk       broken salt shakers  declaring

armageddon   this world      full of narcissists

self-assuredly    dislocating





revel in your     brokenness

or lack thereof    it comes    at once

filling up the bucket       collection

spilling it over     watering the grass




perception lies       the blank slate       acts

nothing more    a marble counter to snort cocaine

invade your consciousness      alien     become more

than yourself    become whole    and eradicate the visage of failure

over hyperboles  tuned     inflated vernacular




why am i any better        eyes fixated

on imperfections       diseases drove  me      cyborg      will

heaven open its gates     for a man        run on batteries

set your bucket down       the storm clouds    rolling in

echo   welcome home, my son



Sean William Dever is a Boston-based poet currently in his last year of his MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College, where he also attained his BFA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing. He works as an Adjunct Professor at Emerson teaching Intro to College Writing. In addition, he also works as both a Copy Editor and Business Development Associate. His biggest fan is his English Golden Retriever, Rocco.




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