Featured SwEP Author: Emily Bjustrom

Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC would like to reintroduce to you to Emily Bjustrom.

Emily Bjustrom’s chapbook, Loved Always Tomorrow, was published in April of 2014 by Swimming with Elephants Publications.

Emily Bjustrom’s work applies truth like healing; the uncovered wound, the blood, the sting, the cool breath, the forehead kisses. The most explicit topics are slid under our vulnerable doors with internal rhymes, consonance, and diction that soothes us into unlocking every lock. We let her in, not because we’re afraid she’ll break down our doors, but because we have to see the face tethered to a voice we know we could never live without. Her sound is the sweet violin amidst burning buildings, the piano in the desert. Loved Always Tomorrow is our moment to smile a tear off our itching cheeks before returning to the rubble.

John S. Blake

– Author of Beautifully Flawed, Pushcart Prize nominee, Teaching Artist



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