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Top Ten Finalists for our Chapbook Competition

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We would like to extend a warm congratulations to the top ten finalists in our Chapbook Competition.

In alphabetical order, the title of the the top ten chapbooks are:

(drum roll)

The Bones of this Land

Coffee and Cocaine

Diesel and Decay

Float True

The Longest Geronimo

Pop 1280

The Promethean Clock

Space on Earth

This too Shall Pass

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

If your title is listed please stay tuned. We will release the top 5 next week and announce the winners on July 29th at the Power to the People Poetry Slam at Duel Brewery. We hope to see everyone there to support our authors and participate in our book exchange.

If your title is not listed, we want to send well wishes for your future poetic endeavors. Thank you for sharing your work with us and support our small press. Please consider submitting in the future.


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