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Updates, Edits, and Feedback


Hello Swimming with Elephant Publications Authors!

We are spending June updating our website, reviewing our publications, and promoting our authors. We need feedback from YOU!

Please take a moment to check out the website, especially your presence on the site. Check out your bio info under SwEP Parade and your book info under Chapbooks and Anthologies. Is it time to update your bio? What can we add, change, adjust, etc?

We also want to check in with each of you to review your publication and update our information. Expect a personal email within the next month from us with questions regarding your publication, especially if you don’t contact us first.

Remember: The best way to get your book into people’s hands is through featured performances, tours, and self-promotion. Please encourage your fans to review your book(s) via Amazon, Goodreads, review blogs, print newspapers, etc.

Also, as a SwEP author you are entitled to not only your own author copies at cost, but any other books in our catalog. Please help promote your fellow authors by submitting reviews of their publications and getting their publications out into the world.

Please send us an email at swimwithelephants@gmail.com or message us through facebook with any updates or suggestions. We can also arrange skype/facetime for our national authors. For local author is the ABQ area, we can also set up a personal meeting.

Thank you and we will talk to you in June!


2 thoughts on “Updates, Edits, and Feedback

  1. SWEP–I no longer host a monthly poetry gathering, but I do attend SOMOS gatherings in Taos and various gatherings in Albuquerque and New Orleans when I am in those towns.

  2. How may I best edit and update my author bio?

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