Four Poems – Jessica Helen Lopez

Our lovely Jessica Helen has new work published on Drunk in a Midnight Choir.


Ruíz, Antonio. El sueño de la Malinche (1939) Ruíz, Antonio. El sueño de la Malinche (1939)

When Depression and Marriage Happen blame it on the sad summer air & the pale yellow light of late afternoon when the bees swath the lavender bush & the buzzing drives me mad i have nothing left to prepare in the kitchen or clean in the mud room & so I busy myself with the hatred of you & me & the undeserved life we share we exchange paltry kisses upon your arrival our lips feign the ooh & ahh of our reunion there is real kindness there but i never let it in in 1978 i was born a wild ram zodiac symbol for aggression & stubborn to a damned fault a squall of amniotic fluid & clenched limbs grey-skinned like the dead i was cut lengthwise from my mother’s gut you know now i was never born at all blame…

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