The road to Nationals is paved with blood, sweat, tears…

write, mamabird.

…and good intentions.

So maybe the last bit is a little bit of a cliche, but it is, thus far, the truth. As a first-time national slam team member, there might have been more tears than I realized I was signing up for (no blood, yet; but I think Katrina Guarascio might have spilled a few drops when she kicked a table this one time at practice). Buckets of sweat puddle the city in all of our practice spots (it’s been a hot summer, y’all), and plenty of good intention as we #SpitFreeSpeech and #SpitTheTruth in all of the poetry we’ve written together as a team.

So far, what I’ve learned is that not only is group writing, memorizing, and reciting really hard at times, it’s equally rewarding. And aside from that, since it was a lesson I’ve mentioned multiple times before, I’ve learned that we’re not your typical slam…

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