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The Day After The Night

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I Lost My Mum In IKEA Once

Part two, three and four of NaPoWriMo


“Live fast and die young” it says

scrawled on your t-shirt with an urgency

angry marker pen

because when you live fast there’s no time for calligraphy

Live fast

but what does that mean?

because I feel like I would always take things slow

Savour that Saturday sleep

for just

one more hour

read books by the fairylights

spend the nights talking instead of dancing

Living fast may be fun

but I want to enjoy the ride

not rush from A to B

not drinking every night

staying up ‘til the sun’s in sight

and you know you’re not quite

ready for bed

That may be fun

but I still consider the beautiful

slow things I’ve done

reading by breakfast

slowly lacing my hands with someone elses’

I don’t want this life to be over in a hurry

when I’m still figuring…

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