Happy New Year from Swimming with Elephants Publications

We want to start by thanking everyone for all their support over the years. As we enter year seven of Swimming with Elephants Publications, it is amazing to see how what started as a small chapbook publication agent has bloomed to be the publisher of close to 100 publications supporting authors from all over the world.

As you know, this is a not for profit venture, which means that the resources and time spent making each publication is undertaken without charge. We sustain our business model through the sales of our anthologies and the reimbursement of the first 25 internet sales, along with the occasional submission fee. We are a fragile beast, but at this point we are persisting and that wouldn’t be happening without the hard work of our authors and supporters.

Thank you to our authors for having faith in our little sideshow and allowing us to spread your words in print. Thank you to our supporters and readers, who continue to pick up new SwEP titles and get to know our new authors.

What’s New?

We have become an official affiliate of Bookworks Albuquerque, a local, independent bookstore. Bookworks has always been a great supporter of Swimming with Elephants Publications. Not only do they carry our books on their shelves and website, they have hosted several events and releases for Swimming with Elephants Publications authors over the years. We encourage everyone who wishes to purchase a title online, to do so through Bookworks Albuquerque. By doing so, you are supporting not only Swimming with Elephants Publications but our local independent bookstore. Shop small. Support Local.

Another collaboration which has occurred over the past year, has been with NMTESOL and Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). Over the past year we have been working with the ESL Program (English as Second Language) at CNM to produce two publications created by ESL students and the ESL Club, Open Language. We are excited to share the voices of these students who might otherwise have been unable to express themselves. We look forward to more collaborations with the ESL community in 2020.

Time to Get to Work

January of 2020 is already a busy time. We are currently working on creating author statements which will be sent out by the end of the month. If you are an active SwEP Author and do not receive a statement by the end of January, please email us. You must reply to your author statement to remain an active SwEP author and to receive any available royalties for 2019.

This month also has us busy with selecting manuscripts from the Open Call for publication in 2020. Although our Open Call judges will select three manuscripts for publication, all submissions are still considered as our 2020 publication calendar is created. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page to get a look at this year’s publications as soon as they are announced.

Speaking of publications and submissions, Swimming with Elephants Publications has made an important change. Beginning in October 2019, submissions for chapbooks and poetry collections will only be accepted through the fall submission Open Call. We no longer have the ability to put together last minute collections or begin midyear projects. If you or someone you know would like to submit a manuscript, the next Open Call for submissions will be in October 2020.

Many of our authors have projects in the works and are continuing to promote their publications and their work. Keep your eye on the website and the Facebook page for the announcements of tours and shows in 2020!

New Releases from 2019

(in no significant order)

Sad Bastard Soundtrack
By Paulie Lipman

By Sarah Menefee

Immigrant Memories & Poetic Ambitions
By Laura Jijon

Intersex, Truth and Spirituality
By Maria Sanchez

Trumpet Call: A Swimming with Elephants Anthology
By Maxine Peseke

OM Boy
By Manuel González

Among God & Other Drugs
By Matthew Brown

Belly Up Rosehip
By Tyler Dettloff

Sell Me Insanity
By Marcial Delgado

I’ve Been Cancelling Appointments with my Psychiatrist for Two Years Now
By Sean William Dever

disaster in die / an overdose sunrise
By bassam

Small World: Central New Mexico Community College
By Yueh Ni Lin

Shorn: apologies & vows
By Benjamin Bormann

By Jessica Helen Lopez

Trauma Carnival
By SaraEve Fermin

Light as a Feather: An Anthology of Resilience
By Courtney Butler

Thalassophile: a chapbook of poetry
By Abigayle Goldstein

Click here to see the full Swimming with Elephants Publications Catalog.

Thank you for reading and for being a part of our Parade! Have a wonderful 2020!


Kat Crespin & Maxine Peseke

Submissions for our 2020 Calendar are Closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted to our Open Call for Chapbooks and the Weekly Write this year. Our wonderful judges are busy going through the submissions and we hope to have our publishing line up established by the New Year.

If you were not able to submit this time around. Keep your eye open for our next submission period, beginning in October 2020 (unless the world ends).

In the meantime, check out our latest anthology, Trumpet Call, catalog and pick up some of our publications through Bookworks Albuquerque.

Now Accepting Submissions!

Swimming with Elephants Publications is now accepting submissions!

Whether you have a chapbook, short collection, or just a couple of amazing pieces seeking a home, Swimming with Elephants Publications might have a spot for you.

Visit our website and under the submit tab you will find our current Open Calls. The specific guidelines for each call can be viewed on our Submittable page or contact us with any questions.

We do charge a submission fee. To find out why: Click Here.

To learn more about this year’s guidelines for our Chapbook Open Call and meet our guest judges, click here. To be considered for publication during 2020 you must submit before December 15, 2019.

To learn more about the Weekly Write series for the 2020 publication year, and find out how to be our Weekly feature, click here. 

We can’t wait to read your work!

Seeking Prose on the Subject of Eating Disorders

Seeking Non-Fiction Prose for the second edition of the anthology Light as a Feather which focuses on eating disorders.

View Submittable Form here.

Assumptions about eating disorders have historically fallen upon the shoulders of feminine presenting individuals with white skin, typically suffering from anorexia. However, the reality is much more complex, touching on people from every race, creed, socio-economic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, with each person standing at different crossroads of privilege and marginalization. We still discuss eating disorders in hushed voices, with shame and confusion cracking our words. It is the intent of this publication to shed a little more light on this subject.

This is where YOU come in!

We want to know your story. You do not have to be a  professional writer to be considered for this work. We are looking specifically for nonfiction prose, with special consideration for humor, confessions, and memoir.

You can write about anything that comes to mind, as long as it is authentic to your experience. It doesn’t have to be “heavy” or overly serious, unless you want/need it to be; we are looking for raw, honest pieces and believe that you would contribute a deep and meaningful facet to the larger story of hope and resilience.

Also, different view points are welcome. Perhaps you have lived with a person experiencing an eating disorder and have a story to tell or maybe you are in the medical field and have an introspective on the disorder you would like to share.

To Submit:

  • All submissions will be done through Submittable. Find the form by clicking here.
  • Please submit 1-3 pieces of short prose (3000 words max).
  • Please title your work and edit to the best of your ability for stronger consideration.
  • Include a brief cover letter and bio in the space provided by Submittable.
  • Writers are encouraged to use their real names. However, pen names will be accepted. No submissions will be accepted under “Anonymous.”
  • Contributors will be given two contributor copies and the ability to purchase more copies at publisher cost.
  • All proceeds are donated to a non-profit TBD
  • We would love to broaden the view of eating disorders, so if you feel your story is unusual/atypical, it might be just want we are seeking.

The first edition of Light as a Feather was published in 2014. It’s described as- “With themes centered on eating disorders and mental health issues, many may hesitate to pick up this collection, expecting either a morose and somber compendium of struggle, or perhaps thinking there is nothing here they can relate to. They would be wrong on both counts. Light as a Feather is a potent and surprisingly gentle assemblage of voice and experience threaded together with a delicacy that almost belies the harsh, at times almost violent, brutality of body image, external perspectives and self doubt that go hand in hand with the issues being discussed.” For reference, please check out the first edition of Light as a Feather,available through all major bookstores/distributors. Click here to find it on Amazon.