First Review of Light as a Feather

First Review of the new anthology Light as a Feather.

Light as a feather cover

After reading the first few pages, I realized what they were writing was exactly what I went through.  I  do not think that people have any idea how many girls are afflicted with this disease.   This book needs to read by every middle school and high school student.  Teens need to know that this disease will affect every aspect of your life, sometimes for the rest of your life!  Thank you so much  for compiling this book.

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Danielle CoxAn anthology of poetry, prose, and artwork from students at V. Sue Cleveland High School 2013-2014.

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All proceeds benefit the CHS Poetry Community.

SethWilson I. Gray
Artwork:  Suzette Licano
Alexander Schlesinger
Casey Shearer
Artwork: Ambrosia Hernandez
Victoria Alexander
Artwork: Stephanie Baker
Kaley Bertrand
Jillian Kovach
Artwork: Miguel Lastra
Santina Dioniso
Photography: Kristina Dominquez
Victoria Alexander
Alyssa Robinson
Artwork: Elizabeth Koschade
Artwork: Cory Toby
Atira Kennedy
Artwork: Rachel Rounsville 38
Sarah Smithson
Photography: Steven Fiedor
P. Madison Baggett
Rachel Rounsville
Meredith McFall
Shannon Mulligan
Miguel Lastra & Meredith McFall
Photography: Lauren Garcia

Cover Photography by Danielle Coz.