Thank You for Your Donations

Thank you for donating to Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC.

Because we are not profitable and have no formal sponsorship, we charge a submission fee and accept donations to pay for the production and distribution of our publications. This includes purchasing ISBNs, creating proofs and author copies, and various forms of promotion. There are many monthly charges for essential products such as Submittable, WordPress, Photoshop, and Microsoft office which are necessary for creating, formatting, and advertising our products.

Also, although we rely heavily on the volunteer work of our colleagues, we would like to pay our guest judges, artists, and book reviewers for their time, energy, and talent.

Our authors receive the full royalties of all book sales, aside from press created anthologies (Catching Calliope, Parade).

Our Editor in Chief and other prime administrators receive no financial reward for their time and skill spent creating our publications and events.

Want to help out?

Please buy our anthologies or make a tax deductible charitable donation through our Paypal button on the website to support the press. Support our individual authors by reading and sharing their work, reviewing their publications, and attending their events.