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Call for Submissions

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O, yes,
I say it plain,
America never was America to me,
And yet I swear this oath—
America will be

~Langston Hughes



Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC is accepting submissions until October 31 for a new anthology tentatively titled WOKE.

“WOKE,” a term arising out of black activism, means awareness of the struggle against racial injustice. One can’t just be woke; as Eryka Badu and #BlackLivesMatter remind us, you have to stay woke.

What Motivates Us

Several more killings of black men by police in Brooklyn, NY, Baton Rouge, LA, and Falcon Heights, MN, fresh in our minds; the mass shooting in the Orlando LGBTQ/Latinx community still weighing heavily on our hearts; inflammatory rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims featuring prominently in our political discourse…

Featured Image -- 240What We’re Looking For

Specifically, we are looking for personal essays and reflections regarding the state of American today in the following categories:

  • Inequality in America
  • Privilege in America (white, class, male, etc)
  • Tragedies in America (manmade)
  • Pride in America (pride in identity)
  • Indifference in America

We are looking for prose, no more than 2,000 words reflecting experiences, opinions, and/or beliefs in one of these issues.

Our goal with this anthology is to create a collection of writing accessible to the masses reflecting the state of our country today. We want work that tells a story, teaches a lesson, opens eyes.

Ideally this book can be used as a tool in a high school to introductory college classroom. We’d like this anthology to give students permission to speak about uncomfortable subject matter.

What to Send Us

  • Submit up to three polished pieces of writing.
    • Prose submissions are limited to 2,000 words or less
  • We will consider simultaneous submissions as well as work that has been previously published, but we ask that you specify this in your email, and contact us promptly if you are removing your work from consideration.
  • Attach your submission as a single WORD DOC (.doc or .docx) or GOOGLE DOC to your email.
  • Send submissions to swimwithelephants@gmail.com.
  • Use the words: Woke Submission and specify which category which you are submitting in the subject line (Woke Submission Inequality)
  • Include full name, street address, phone number, and email address in body of email.
  • Include a 50 word or less biography in body of email.
  • You may include a brief cover letter in body of email, but it is not necessary.
  • Expect a reply during the month of November.

The submission process will run until October 31 with an estimated publication date of December 2016.


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