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Welcome Kevin Barger to the SwEP Parade

Kevin B

Welcome Kevin!

Swimming with Elephants Publications is proud to introduce you an amazing new poet name, Kevin Barger.

After being a finalist in last June’s chapbook competition, Kevin’s book, Observable Acts, was chosen for publication and was released in late April of 2015 and is available through Amazon.com and other on line book distributors as well as local book stores in the ABQ area.

Observable ActsKevin Barger is a performance poet, writer, and retired slam organizer based in Asheville, NC. He was instrumental in bringing slam poetry back to popularity in Asheville after its rise, fall, and subsequent misfirings in the area by helping to lay the groundwork for Poetry Slam Asheville from 2008 through 2011. He has also appeared on many other stages in and around the Carolinas including the Lake Eden Arts Festival, Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival, the Individual World Poetry Slam, and Southern Fried in which he was on the first team from Asheville sent to Southern Fried in nearly a decade. Now, semi-retired from the slam scene but itching to get back on stage again, he has compiled old favorites and new material in Observable Acts; his first endeavor onto the published page.

Get a copy of Observable Acts today and stay updated on the Swimming with Elephants Publications web page for further news.


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143: The Silent Note-Writing Game

michael jarmer

The Silent Note-Writing Game

I don’t know how we landed on the idea.
Perhaps chaos of the 9 year old variety
inspired me to propose a game in which
we must be silent and can only communicate
through written notes to each other
back and forth on a shared
piece of paper or two. He loved it.
And in the last few days, months after
the first time we played, he’s saying,
Daddy, let’s play the silent note-writing game.
And so, tonight, sitting in a dark room
at his desk under a lamp, we take turns
writing and we have a silent conversation
on the page. There is talk tonight of
how fun this is, and questions about why
sometimes I don’t want to play, an agreement
about how anything, no matter how fun,
sometimes requires the right mood, the right space.
He asks me why I write like I do, all left-handed,
with improper pencil placement, upside-down…

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Now Available: Passion, Provocation and Prophecy

PPPI am excited and honored to say that this slim collection is now available through Swimming with Elephants Publications.

We are thrilled to welcome Jack Hirshman as our latest author.

This book is not a collection of Pasolini’s work, instead it serves as an ode to him. Beginning with an interview between Jack Hirschman and Justin Desmangles, and followed by two arcanes written by Hirschman which reflect on the man Pasolini was, this slim edition is a companion piece to honor a voice silenced before its time.

I highly recommend adding the book In Danger (City Light Books , 2010) as a companion to this book. The book, edited by Jack Hirschman, is a wonderful introduction to Pasolini and his works.

Passion, Provocation and Prophecy is a wonderful dialogue to those who have an interest, love, understanding, and appreciation for not only Pasolini’s work but for the man he was

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The Day After The Night

I Lost My Mum In IKEA Once

Part two, three and four of NaPoWriMo


“Live fast and die young” it says

scrawled on your t-shirt with an urgency

angry marker pen

because when you live fast there’s no time for calligraphy

Live fast

but what does that mean?

because I feel like I would always take things slow

Savour that Saturday sleep

for just

one more hour

read books by the fairylights

spend the nights talking instead of dancing

Living fast may be fun

but I want to enjoy the ride

not rush from A to B

not drinking every night

staying up ‘til the sun’s in sight

and you know you’re not quite

ready for bed

That may be fun

but I still consider the beautiful

slow things I’ve done

reading by breakfast

slowly lacing my hands with someone elses’

I don’t want this life to be over in a hurry

when I’m still figuring…

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