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Now Available: the fall of a sparrow

A new collection of poetry by Katrina K Guarascio, entitled the fall of a sparrow, has been released from Swimming with Elephants Publications.

Find this new collection on Amazon or CreateSpace

Learn more about this unique collaboration of art and verse by reading an except from the foreword, penned by Swimming with Elephants Publication author Zachary Kluckman.

An except from the forward:

Here is a collection of poetic wonderment, musings on the ineffable universal experience of beauty as it is. Real, at times veiled by the uncertain consequence of letting go or giving in, yet always an experience on the lip of the chasm, preparing for wild success or the wailing dismay of failure. Guarascio’s poems are filled with beautiful creatures, metaphoric animals crawling amongst the words, haunting the reader with their subtle, but necessary presence. In these poems are love, loss, resignation, breathlessness, intimacy and touch; the edge of the blade pressing against the plump flesh of the fruit or the slight swell of hipbone under a lover’s hand.


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SwEP is now Open for Submissions

Light as a feather coverManuscript Submissions are now OPEN!

Do you have a collection of poetry, prose, or combination of the two that would like to take a swim with us?

Please consider submitting your completed manuscript to Swimming with Elephants Publications during the month of June for consideration in our first call for open manuscript submissions.

Please submit a manuscript which includes 10-40 pieces. One poem/prose per page please. Portions of the manuscript may have appeared in other journals/publications, but not the manuscript as a whole.

Loved Always TomorrowYour manuscript should include a cover letter, a bio, title page, table of contents, and an acknowledgement page (as needed). All pages must be numbered (you may add a dedication page if you wish).

Please keep in mind the format will be adapted to fit the specifics of our publication requirements.

Cover designs will be inquired at a later date upon acceptance.

In lieu of a submission fee, we will require the purchase of one (but please feel free to buy several) of our publications. We recommend one of our chapbooks, anthologies, or other publications so that you are aware of our products. You may purchase our collections through Amazon.com or avoid the evils of corporations by ordering from bkwrks.com (our local, independent book distributor). Please include the receipt number from your order in your cover letter.

WriterSimultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere. We aim to respond to all submissions within 30 days of receipt (usually less).

If your manuscript is accepted you will be contacted with contract details and may at that time accept or decline our offer for publication.

SeptemberThe chosen author will receive the basic contract with Swimming with Elephants Publications which includes twenty-five author copies for accepted manuscripts, representation on-line and at local bookstores, and any other aid support our press can contribute to help make your publications a success.

Our taste is eclectic. We want poems and/or prose that resonates and reaches beyond inclusive boundaries. We are not bias toward any particular style (we enjoy minimalism poetry just as much as performance pieces, and although are prone to free verse, also enjoy well crafted form poetry). Move us, appeal to our senses, invoke emotion, use interesting and surprising language, and words that resonate. We are partial to collections which have a common theme or cohesiveness, and of course collections that seem publication ready with minimal editing.

VerbrennenAs writers we know what it is like to edit a poem to death. We know all too well that poems are never finished, but abandoned. If you submission is accepted, additional editing should be minimal, so please proofread, revise, edit, and then let that little bird fly.

Established and new poets/writers are encouraged to submit.  Again, please submit a finished and polished manuscript only.

Portions of all accepted chapbooks are eligible for nomination for the Pushcart poetry prize (and other applicable prizes).

Submissions that ignore these guidelines (or parts of these guidelines) will likely be declined immediately.

Submissions and other correspondence should be sent to: swimwithelephants@gmail.com. Please write “CHAPBOOK SUBMISSION” in the subject line of your email. Please attach your manuscript as a PDF or DOC file (preferred).

If your manuscript is declined you may consider submitting individual pieces to our quarterly anthology: Catching Calliope.

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Acknowledging the Elephant!

IBookst’s time this elephant officially came out to play!Save the evening of June 14th to hear poetry from some of our wonderful authors and save your dimes to buy their books. Hosted by the Artbar on Gold and Second Street in Albuquerque, NM, this event is basically an open-house for our authors to share and talk about the works they have published or been a part of and the future of this emerging publishing company.CCFounded by Katrina K Guarascio, SwEP is an independent publishing agency that publishes/promotes the community-minded, working artist/writer, and raises funds and awareness for youth writers in the community. Blue-collar artistic elephants!

CuntBomb Promo 1On hand will be current (and near future) published SwEP authors and contributors like Zachary Kluckman, Jessica Helen Lopez, Katrina K Guarascio, Gina Marselle, Benjamin Bormann, and more!

Also, musician extraordinaire Keith Sanchez will open and close the show with his awesome musica!

Special Pricing: All books are $10.95 credit/check or $10 cash.

Swimming with Elephants Publications Available for Purchase at Event:

Catching Calliope Winter 2014
Catching Calliope Spring 2014
Cumulus Collections
Light as a Feather
To The Last Word 2014
Nika Ann’s To Anyone Who Has Ever Loved a Writer
Emily Bjustrom’s Loved Always Tomorrow
Matthew Brown’s Verbrennen 
Katrina K Guarascio & Gina Marselle’s September 
Katrina K Guarascio & Shawna Cory’s my verse,
Zachary Kluckman’s Some of it is Muscle
Jessica Helen Lopez’s Cunt.Bomb.
Books 2