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Submission Period Ends March 31st

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Only Three Days Left to Submit to this Anthology!

We have already received many great submissions and are eager to start editing and sending our acceptance notices. However, for those who have not yet sent in your work there is still time.

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Swimming with Elephants Publications is currently searching for material for a new publication. The focus is writing by and for people of all ages and genders who have suffered or are currently suffering from eating disorders, body image issues, depression, suicide, and survival. The goal is to spread awareness and share the stories and truths of those who have suffered with or witnessed the often devastating effects of these ailments. We are looking for stories of survival as well as stories of loss and hopelessness in an effort to reach those who feel they may be alone in their battle.

Elephant Logo AgainIf you have a poem, a short story, or a piece of creative non-fiction that you feel is appropriate for this publication please email it to: swimwithelephants(at)gmail(dot)com. You may submit up to five pieces of varying written genres.

Previously published and simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please give proper acknowledgement for past publications. Please include a brief cover letter and short biography with every submission.


Author: Nika Ann

My name is Nika Rasco. I am a college drop out, waiting tables to pay my rent and internet bills. Chasing rabbits (http://nikarasco.wordpress.com/) is my term for following the stream of consciousness. I compare my life sometimes to a sleeping dog who kicks his paws and mumbles a bark, but goes nowhere. Much of the content of this blog is just that, a raw, random stream of consciousness set in poetic form. Some of the writing was done in my sleep, some while inebriated, some in a wave of depression, or the heat of a rage.

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